6 Ways to use Google trends for SEO & content marketing

google trends for marketers

how to use google trends for SEO in 2022

Google Trends for SEO & Content Strategies

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Perhaps you’ve heard of Google Trends and are familiar with its operation. What you could be missing are some concrete tips by the best SEO agency in Sydney for putting it to use on your website. That’s why we, at Magnarevo Private Limited, the best SEO services company in Australia, arrived! The instructions in the next part will show you how to use Google Trends for a variety of purposes.

As a marketer, you have access to a plethora of data sources, ranging from Google Analytics to your preferred SEO tool. Google Trends––a free platform that tells you how demand for a topic (or phrase) has evolved over the previous several years––is an underutilized tool.

These are a few important tips that answers the question: how to use google trends for SEO in 2022

You can locate current topics that are relevant to you:

One of the most challenging challenges is coming up with new content subjects that will captivate your target audience. With Google Trends, you can give the data context and meaning by presenting it in visual charts, comparing similar phrases, seeing information by region of interest, or highlighting related inquiries.

Finding interesting themes to write about will assist you in increasing traffic to your website. According to the experts of google trends for marketers, simply go to the dashboard and look for topics that are hot right now. Use the filters to locate the ideal category for your target audience that is both intriguing and relevant.

Compare Keywords by Time for Audience Insights:

Keyword data may be examined in two ways: over lengthy periods of time and over shorter periods of time. This is an example of  Google Trends for SEO & Content Strategies

Timeline of Trends

Google Patterns may be set up to show traffic trends as far back as 2004. This may be used to show audience trends.

Long-Term Trends in the Positive Direction:

If a trend is gaining traction, it’s time to concentrate your efforts on creating content to support that trend.

Long-Term Downtrends:

A declining trend line might signal that audience content consumption is altering.

Short-term trends have the potential to generate a lot of traffic:

When looking at keyword trends in a short time frame, such as 90 days or even 30 days, you may gain useful insights on how to profit from swiftly shifting search patterns.

Google Discover and Google News both receive a lot of traffic. While Google Discover is less responsive to trending subjects than Google News, staying on top of current interests is really beneficial for attracting a lot of visitors through Google Discover and Google News right now.

Categories of Keywords:

In order to provide more precise statistics, Google Trends can limit down your keywords based on categories.The Categories option is crucial since it helps you narrow down your keyword research to the right context.

If your term context is autos, it makes sense to use Google Trends to filter the data to just present statistics for the vehicle context.

You can find out what others are looking for by using categories suggested by google ads agency in Melbourne:

You can further refine the term data in Google Trends by segmenting it by Search Type, which is a wonderful way to examine how popular different sorts of search intentions are. Search Types give insight into searchers who are extremely focused on a specific sort of objective.

Refining your research allows you to cut through the “noise” in your keyword research and get straight to the signal – the most essential data.

Make the most of keyword data based on your location:

Google Trends keyword data by geographic location may be used to evaluate which areas are best to target for site marketing or to tailor content to certain regions. Link building, content development, content marketing, and pay-per-click campaigns all benefit from knowing how popular keywords are by region. According to a SEO services company in Australia

Material may be made more relevant to individuals who are interested in localizing it.

Google Trends is a helpful tool, and with a little imagination, it may provide valuable search marketing data. Take some time to look at Google Trends. Reach out to a premier SEO agency in Sydney, like Magnarevo, that will help you improve the way you develop and promote content online.

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