6 Best Web Hosting Solution for Your Business Website

When we talk about web hosting options, do you know what characteristics of a web hosting company make them reliable? No? So, You’re at the right place. 

Here, we’ll delve deep into ways to choose a reliable web hosting company for your business. First thing first-

What is a web hosting company?

Web hosting is an online service that you need to host your websites onto the internet. Once you get the site developed by any good website development company in Sydney, you want people to access it from all across the world, right?

For that matter, you need a web hosting service provider that gives you server or server space for website data such as images, text content, videos, codes, etc. 

Most of the web hosting service providers give these types of hosting plans.

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • And more

So as you’ve got the idea about web hosting, you surely need it after having a website through a Web development agency in Melbourne, so what does a reliable web hosting service looks like? Be with us. Consider these points while choosing web hosting for your business. 

Server Speed Equals To The Site Speed:

No one wants the site to load in a minute or buffer the loading, right? So why do some websites load faster and some loads slow even though both are developed by a good web design company in Australia

The answer lies in the web hosting service provider and hosting plan. Enquire about the hard disk space, server type, company name, and other things to ensure that the speed is lightning fast. 

Once you have the site ready by a web development company in Sydney, check the speed with the web hosting provider before finally signing up. 

High Uptime Means Better Ranking & High Credibility:

Uptime is the time or duration that your website is available for users. Simply put, we all  have got 24 hours, so ideally, the website should be running 24 x 7. But it does not happen when you choose any cheap web hosting service.

Your site goes down, and so does your business. The low uptime hampers the search engine ranking as well. Best Digital marketing company in Australia, Magnarevo always suggests their clients choose a web hosting company with guaranteed uptime assurance of up to 99.99 %. 

Make sure the uptime promise is high.

More Server Space- A Compounded Benefit:

We don’t think we should elaborate on the space part, as it is quite understandable. Let’s understand it with an example. 

A hotel with a good sitting capacity attracts more visitors, and they enjoy it better. This is the truth. In the same way, if you choose a shared plan, the hosting company stores your site data with a shared server. In that server, hundreds of sites are present.

Either choose a dedicated server, cloud server or take a shared server with lots of space. More space gives you a way to expand your business better. The site doesn’t hang or get slow or get down when you have a good amount of space. 

Magnarevo, a leading digital marketing company in Australia advises their clients to opt for cloud hosting as it is affordable than dedicated hosting. 

High Bandwidth- A Power To Serve More Users At A Time:

Before contacting a digital marketing company in Australia for better business reach or high users on the site, check your hosting plan’s bandwidth. 

High bandwidth denotes the capacity of a server to deal with heavy traffic. Currently, you’re expecting 1000 users per day, so have you imagined what’ll happen when you have 50000 users a day? 

Make sure you choose a hosting plan with high bandwidth. Moreover, as a business you should always prefer having flexible hosting policies to increase or decrease the bandwidth. 

Advanced Features, Add-Ons, Freebies With Hosting:

A reliable web hosting company always gives more flexibility and option to the businesses. Ask the hosting provider about these important points. 

  1. Geo Redundancy
  2. Automatic Backup
  3. Block storage facility
  4. Centralized log storage
  5. Storage area network
  6. DDoS attack protection
  7. Firewall & VPN security
  8. Content delivery network
  9. Email hosting
  10. WordPress plugins
  11. SSL certificate
  12. Website builder
  13. Multiple data centres for geo-redundancy
  14. Data encryption

And more

Business means positivity, doesn’t it? So always choose a hosting company where you get the flexibility to get premium features. Also make sure you get the hosting at the best price. Compare between various hosting providers for settling on the reliable one. 

See! These advanced features might come free or with some changes. It also depends on which plan you choose after having the website from a website development agency in Australia

So the best way is to choose the best web design company in Australia, Magnarevo. We develop websites that are responsible, fast, and secure and help in getting reliable web hosting for you. 

24 x 7 Support- A Gateway To Better Client Satisfaction:

Support is vital whether it’s world number or Australia’s number one web hosting company.

You need support for multiple purposes as a business, like installing a new script. You may also need help keeping the site safe, fast, and reliable for your users. Choose the one which provides multiple ways to connect. 


Hopefully, you must have got the idea about various points to consider to get reliable web hosting. Now it’s time to start your online journey or expand if it already exists; call Magnarevo now, the best website design company in Australia. We also provide help in web hosting. 

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