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Every physical space can be locked down, but websites sell for you 24*7! Getting a website is like hiring an employee who will speak for you round the clock! And the best part? It’s cost-effective! Read ahead to know how and why Magnarevo is the best website development company in Sydney, other parts of Australia, and across India!

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Magnarevo has dealt in B2B and B2C business models, and given these businesses a skyrocketing profit increase by taking their businesses online. To get the accolade of the best Web Design Company in Melbourne and across Australia and India, we have significantly strived to extract user behaviour and data analytics. This has helped us serve our clients to their optimum requirements as we focus on what their target audience likes, buys from and searches online.

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Does one shoe fit all? Of course not! Then how can one type of website fulfil all your requirements? Your website must depict your brand values through its visual and content appeal. Your template and structure of the website also depends on what your end goal for making the website is – do you want to sell online? Or do you want to inform your customers about your services? Or it could be specific to your business model. Magnarevo is here to an artist’s impression for your business online. Come to us with pieces of your requirements, and we will solve the puzzle for you! We will give you a larger picture with engaged traffic on the website, increased sales and brand visibility!
Web Development Process


Designing is complicated, so Magnarevo is diligently committed to your user data for providing the best user interface experience to your audience. We are a web development agency in Sydney and across Australia and India, who follows a proper structure for developing a website; however, every step in our process is flexible for accommodating custom changes for optimum user response.
  • 1
    Project Scope
  • 2
    Data Sitemap
  • 3
    UI/UX Wire framing
  • 4
    Copyrighting Production
  • 5
    Image Production
  • 6
    Web Design
  • 7
    Website Development
  • 8
    Content Population
  • 9
    Testing & Training
  • 10
    Analytics Tracking and Launch

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